The Basic Statistics

Alpha Acids 12-16%
Purpose Aroma
Country of Origin United States
Substitutes None suitable
Suitable Beer Styles IPA

About Sabro

Sabro hops, or HBC 438, is the new kid on the block for hop forward beers. Usage mainly has been in IPAs but there are suggestions it would work well in some wheat and pale ale beers too. Has been known to be used in a SMaSH to good results also.

Sabro is from the Hop Breeding Company (hence the HBC), and was only released in 2018. It’s a strictly aroma hop at the moment, probably until brewers start finding uses for it elsewhere on brew day. If it’s used in a SMaSH then most likely there’s some bittering there.

Sabro comes courtesy of a cross pollination of a female neomexicanus hop that’s unique, as you can tell by the offerings on the nose. New mexican hops are a genetically distinct hop variety from the European ones, making them as different as they are diverse. Because they’re a wild hop they can be notoriously difficult to breed and grow, so expect more from this area to be available over the coming years. 

Let’s talk about the nose. A true summer beer hop with the likes of stone fruit, tropical aromas, coconut, cream, tangerine and cedar and mint. There’s a lot going on but there’s a lot to like too. 

As mentioned previously, Sabro is a new hop and not yet readily available to market here in Australia, although there are a couple of online stores selling it. Just recently it was used by All Inn Brewing in their limited edition NEIPA fresh wort kit.

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