The Basic Statistics

Alpha Acids 11 – 16%
Purpose Bitter, Flavour, Aroma
Country of Origin Australia
Substitutes Nothing concrete, but Citra, Amarillo, Centennial
Suitable Beer Styles Pale Ales, IPAs, ESB and others


About Galaxy

Galaxy hops are a great addition to many beers here in Australia, but now also around the world. A large tropical fruit flavour with outstanding brewing capabilities lends itself to be used in a lot of ways.

The first breeding of Galaxy came from Pride of Ringwood, Perle, J78 and maybe some others. It wasn’t until 2009 that a commercial crop of Galaxy was grown.

In Australia, Stone & Wood brewing use it in their famous Pacific Ale, offering up tropical fruit flavours with a great malt backbone and bitterness to round it out. A popular craft beer that grows more and more each year.

Best used as a late addition to the boil, that’s where you see the real flavour punch through. The flavour can be somewhat over-powering if not balanced right, so use it well.

Each year, Stone & Wood brewers will travel to Tasmania where the Galaxy hops are grown for the harvest, to see the flavour changes season to season for themselves.

More Information

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