The Basic Statistics

Alpha Acids 13% – 15.5%
Purpose Bittering, flavour
Country of Origin United States
Substitutes None that are direct
Suitable Beer Styles Pale ales, IPAs, Sours, Saisons, Pilsners

About Ekuanot

Ekuanot hops weren’t always called that. Previously known as Equinox there was a trademark issue over the name and it had to be changed. It has also previoulsy been known as HBC 366. 

This is a patented hop, so you can’t grow it yourself. Released in 2014, it’s had a very long upbringing. Initially bred in 2001 from Warrior with a wild plant that was just found lying around. Although it was released late in the piece, Sierra Nevada was given some Ekuanot to play around with in late 2007 and released a beer called Audition 66 featuring it as a single hop beer. It was on draught only so unless you were there, you didn’t get it. 

Ekuanot has a huge flavour profile that is somewhat confusing, exciting and enticing. Complexity arises from aromatics of lime, apple, berry, cedar, bay leaf and tobacco to name a few. You can also find sage, eucalyptus, clove and papaya. Some brewers note a slightly capsicum note and are turned off when using it. 

There’s a tonne of beers that can be brewed with this hop, and experimentation is probably recommended. Maybe too herbal for the NEIPA, but definitely an option for an IPA. Probably goes great with rosemary…

More Information

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