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About Our Competitions

Welcome to the Ipswich Brewers Union Competition Centre, here you will find all the resources you need to brew for the 2021 IBU Competition Calendar. 2021 is our 10th anniversary as a Club and our competition schedule is going back in time to the classic styles, reflecting (and hopefully educating) the influx of new brewers we have gained in recent years. After all, how can you brew the latest and greatest cutting edge beer if you don’t have the knowledge to brew a good representation of the style behind it.

Here you will find all the competitions scheduled for the year, there are also insights into the categories with hints and tips from our BJCP Judges. There is also a recipe for an award winning brew from that you may or may not decide to have a crack at. You will find a brew planner that will help you work out how to set your brewing schedule for the competition year and a download of the AABC 2019 Style Guide, score sheets, fault guides and more.

How We Run Competitions

We have made changes to how we run our competitions and how we determine our Champion Brewer for the year. 2021 sees us replacing the allotting of 1st 2nd and 3rd places with Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals. Our Club Champion will be determined by entering beers into the QABC Queensland Amateur Brewing Championship. Most Consistent Brewer and Best Novice will continue to be awarded from our monthly competitions.

Why the changes? Early on in our Club’s history we had good success in QABC competitions and following this the AABC (Australian Amateur Brewing Championship) In fact in 2014 we managed to score three first places in the AABC, that’s an outstanding record for a club and something that would be nigh on impossible to repeat. However, it’s time for us to give the QABC Champion Club a shake, and I believe we can do it in 2021.

The monthly competitions have been scheduled around the September QABC with beers that keep well being brewed early in the year and beers that need to be served fresh as close to September as possible, this way, your IBU competition beers should still be good to enter into the QABC provided you haven’t gotten any bugs in the bottle during bottling.

Events For The Year

The links below include our compeitions and any other event that might be possible for us to hold for each month. Some events are private for members only. 

Register A Competition Entry

Note: You have to be a member of the IBU club to enter a beer into the competition. You may enter two beers in any one compeition, one for points, one for feedback. This must be confirmed on your registration. 

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