Podcasts We Listen To

There’s a podcast for everything and beer and home brewing is no different. Here we showcase some of the podcasts that we enjoy and listen to. Come back to this page often as we are constantly updating it to include the latest podcasts that we find. Let us know what you listen to here.

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Radio Brews News

This is not so much home brew related, but is put together by a friend of the club. Radio Brews News by BeerMatt & Peter Mitcham. This podcast is on the ground with the craft brewers and beer in general over the Australian landscape. There’s not a lot that goes on in the beer world in Australia that these guys don’t report on, or break before anyone else. A great source of beer commentary in this country and a chance to glean some information from craft brewers who are doing the hard yards in the industry.


This is a podcast of home brewers from the US, but the information is very suitable to our shores. With over 100 episodes in the bank and many more to come, this is a podcast that challenges brewing on a number of levels. These guys run exbeeriments on multiple brewing truths to see if they are in fact, true, or if there are improvements to be found. Some good information to be found and maybe a few tips on some changes you can make to your brewing process. Check out their Short & Shoddy series.

Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine

Getting right to the heart of the matter, take a listen to Craft Beer & Brewing podcast. With a large back catalogue of episodes and an ever expanding wealth of knowledge that you might glean something from, it’s a good listen regardless. Usually talk about the craft breweries in the US, but it gives you an insight into where the industry might be headed here in Australia. It’s also interesting to here how some of the guys got their start.

The Inside Word

Beer Cartel‘s podcast, The Inside Word, is a great way to listen to some of the latest news about craft beer in Australia. Episodes are only about 30-40 minutes long and they meet with some of the most popular craft breweries in this country. Give it a listen and see what’s going on in our neck of the woods. 

Milk The Funk

Milk The Funk is all about the bacteria and alternative fermantation that is possible with brewing. This is a podcast to nerd out on. Put some time away to delve into this subject matter and for crying out loud, learn to pronounce Latin. Despite the podcast being infrequent, the information is hefty and they have their own wiki.

Operation Brewery

This is a local podcast by the guys from Black Hops Brewing. This is a great podcast if you are thinking about starting up your own brewery. The guys go through everything that went through, how they failed and how they succeeded. If you’re looking to make a jump to gypsy brewing or going the whole hog to open your own venue, this is a great way to learn some pointers. They also have a book available to read, solid info.

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