The Basic Statistics

Alpha Acids 6.5 – 7.5%
Purpose Bittering, Flavour, Aroma
Country of Origin New Zealand
Substitutes Saaz, Saaz (US), Sterling
Suitable Beer Styles Lagers, Pilsners, Ales, IPA, Saisons


About Motueka

Motueka hops come direct from New Zealand and are named after a hop growing region in the South Island. Motueka is a small town that grows seasonally with the horticulture harvests. In Maori language the name is actually Motuweka, which means Weka Island, with Weka being a bird native to the country.

Motueka was bred in thirds, with one third being Saaz hops and the remaining two thirds a New Zealand breeding variety. Originally it was named B Saaz (due the Belgian brewer who selected it), shorted to just B, but then later renamed as Motueka. It was released as an available hop in 1997.

The hop is super versatile and can be used in all brewing stages in a wide variety of beer styles. It’s also robust enough to stand on its own in a SMaSH beer, providing backbone and flavour as needed. Works great in malty, sweet and fruity beers, and is a great addition to other hops to act as a balancer.

Flavours you can expect from Motueka are huge zesty limes reminiscint of a Mojito cocktail, which use Tahitian limes. Fresh tropical fruits and lemon zest are also abundant, lending it to be paired nicely as a suitable flavour addition.

An excellent hop and one that is under-used if anything.

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