The Basic Statistics

Alpha Acids 5 – 7%
Purpose Flavour, Aroma
Country of Origin United States
Substitutes Cascade, Mandarina Bavaria, Centennial
Suitable Beer Styles Ales, Lagers, IPAs

About Lemondrop

Lemondrop hops are the product of HopSteiner that was first bred in 2001, and not released until 2012. It’s a simple cross between Cascade and USDA 19058 varietal, and was an experimental hop.

While it is, as the name suggests, powerful with a lemon scent, Lemondrop also has a lemon candy type of flavour offering. Super zesty, fresh and also sweet, it is, by and large, a hop that offers a bundle of flavour to give many different beers. There is also the subtleness of minty herb, and a green tea like quality. Some tropical melon can lend to it being used well with others.

You can use Lemondrop in a wide variety of styles to give beers that zesty punch or lemony fruitiness. It goes really well in a lemon sour or gose, but works well in other beers that can do with a lift. The lemon aroma can be too strong if you are going for an overall citrus flavour, but can be balanced well with smart use.

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